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Good Neighbors @ Horsefeathers

Good Neighbors Federal Credit Union (formerly Lancaster-Deprew Federal Credit Union) recently opened a new location in Buffalo's historical Horsefeathers Market. Good Neighbors opted for Olive Ridley to keep with the conservation theme that resonates throughout the entire Horsefeathers building. James Cutler, Branch Manager and local sustainability advocate, spearheaded the project. Cutler was creative in designing his branch. He incorporated a countertop made of post-consumer cardboard, reused french doors as a divider, and recycled denim jeans as acoustic panels. The combination of these elements make for a unique and beautiful space. "Good Neighbors is excited to work with Olive Ridley Paints to create a beautiful branch environment while also helping to reduce the impact on our planet. Good Neighbors Credit Union is a member owned financial institution that strives to serve all members of our community with products and services that make their lives easier and our community stronger. We are fortunate to have partners like Olive Ridley Paints who also believe in a more sustainable future." says Cutler. The feeling is mutual; Olive Ridley is honored to be a part of Good Neighbors Credit Union's sustainability story!

Pictured Above:

Kim Whelan (Business Development, Olive Ridley)

James Cutler (Branch Manager, Good Neighbors Credit Union)

Sarah Battaglia (Founder, Olive Ridley)

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