Calspan Paints Green with Olive Ridley™

Calspan Business Park (Cheektowaga, NY) is undergoing a series of renovations to update their 500,000 sq. ft. office and industrial space. The renovations are being done to attract potential new tenants. The location and long-list of amenities make their business park ideal for both start-up and established businesses.

In addition, Calspan has demonstrated an above average commitment to sustainability by choosing to use Olive Ridley™ Paint. For each gallon of paint Calspan conserved 100 kwh of energy and saved 4X Greenhouse Gases when compared to utilizing a virgin paint. This means that if Calspan Business Park painted their entire facility with Olive Ridley™ Paint they will have conserved approximately 120,000 kwh. 120,000 kwh is equivalent to the total power used in 105 homes annually. 'It is important that the products we use on our campus are sustainable, durable and cost effective' stated by the Associate Facilities Coordinator. Olive Ridley™ is proud to be a part of their beautiful, sustainable design solutions. (See project photos at bottom of page)

Interested in learning more about their commercial space availability? Visit the Calspan Business Park listing on LoopNet or contact Director of Facilities, Steve Federico directly via email or phone (716) 631-6810

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