As an Inspired Canisius Alumni..

Canisius asked me to share the story of how Olive Ridley came to be in relation to a trip I took to Brazil in May 2015. The trip was offered by Canisius' International Business School and founded by a fellow inspired MBA Alumni. Not only had I always wanted to visit Brazil, but the focus of the trip was Sustainability. I had to go! Here is a link to the video interview.

Thankful to Canisius for the opportunity to visit Brazil & share my story!

I truly love Canisius. <3

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Also worth mentioning: Olive Ridley® Paints is a big fan of GoGap - a business intelligence tool developed by a team of smart, hard-working, friendly people.  GoGap enables our team to work efficiently and plan effectively.   Highly recommend to anyone who likes to leverage the latest technology to grow their company.