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About Olive Ridley

What Makes Us Different

Olive Ridley's business model is simple. We want to stop excess paint from heading into the waste stream, and turn it into a high performance, exceptional quality product.


Our process has a story, we're creating a circular economy for latex paint. We make it easy for institutions to recycled their excess paint, and we get to re-craft this amazing material and create paint with a history.

Green Benefits of Recycled Paint

It takes more energy and resources to make a can of new or 'virgin' paint than it does to recycle and produce Olive Ridley's paint.

By using our high quality recycled content paint, you are protecting that paint from ending up in a landfill, from being burned, or even from going down the drain.  

A few interesting facts about paint:

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that about ten percent of all paint purchased in the United States becomes "leftover." Equal to about 64 million gallons per year.

When using a gallon of recycled paint instead of new paint, about 100 kilowatt hours of energy is saved. This avoids the release of 115 pounds of carbon dioxide that would otherwise be needed to produce that energy. That 100 kWh is enough energy to power a refrigerator for two months or a clock for two years.

Recycling Paint with Olive Ridley

We all have that extra paint in our storage lockers, basements, and maintenance areas that we don't have time to deal with. We can't just throw it out so we sit on it. Well not anymore. Olive Ridley makes it painless and easy to get rid of your un-wanted paint. You can feel good in knowing that the paint you get rid of, will find  second useful life.

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